Miyajima Coral Hotel

  • Nearest staition within 5 minutes walk
  • Convenience store within 5 minutes walk
  • Parking (free)
  • Hotel facade
Area : Miyajimaguchi, Hiroshima
Type : Business Hotel
Code : 7551-005
Miyajima Coral Hotel is a middle sized city hotel next to JR Miyajimaguchi Station and convenient location to Miyajima Island. The view of Miyajima Island is enjoyable at the opposite side of the hotel.
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Rate type Room type Meals Avg per night    
Twin bed room Non Smoking Twin bed room

For 1 to 3 occupant(s)

Breakfast included JPY11,340 - JPY24,300
(USD102 - USD218)
Non-smoking room Select
Single bed room Non Smoking Single bed room

For 1 occupant(s)

Breakfast included JPY8,100 - JPY9,720
(USD72 - USD87)
Non-smoking room Select

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