Kita Kobushi Shiretoko Hotel & Resort

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From:JPY 15,400(USD141)per night
Area: Shiretoko Utoro, Hokkaido
Type: Ryokan
Code: 0080-002
Shiretoko Grand Hotel "Kita Kobushi" is a large scale Japanese-style hot-springs resort at Shiretoko Utoro Onsen. The hotel is facing the harbor with splendid views of the Sea of Okhotsk. The open-air bath on the top floor provides the beautiful scene of sunset. It is one of the Top Hundred Ryokan (Japanese-style hotel) elected by the Ryoko Shimbun travel newspaper.
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172 Utorohigashi Shari-cho, Shari-gun, Hokkaido 099-4355

110 minutes by taxi from Memanbetsu Airport.
120 minutes by taxi from Nakashibetsu Airport.
50 minutes on bus from JR Shari Station bound for Utoro.
Get off at Utro Bus Terminal and 5 minutes walk.
100 minutes by taxi from Memanbetsu Airport.


Capacity 823 occupants Total rooms 181 rooms
Phone 0152-24-2021 FAX 0152-24-2839
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  • Large bath
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  • Sauna
  • Landromat
  • Cafe or Tea rooms
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