Whole map of Okinawa
Okinawa is consisting by Okinawa Main Island and many isolated islands and each island is overflowing with many attractive spots.
Please choose the best sightseeing place and experience the lifelong recollections in the restricted days of trip.

Southern Okinawa
Southern Okinawa Mainland has a long history from the mythological ages till the present.
Sefa-utaki, used in the scene for Ryukyu mythology, and Kudaka island are both known as holy grounds.
Shuri-jo Castle and Shikina-en garden, reveal the glory of Ryukyu Kingdom.
Central Okinawa
Central Okinawa Mainland is abundant with culture including art, music, and American cultrue.
Yomitan has an idyllic landscape, and Chatan is well known as a fashionable town.
Northern Okinawa
Northern Okinawa Mainland is surrounded with beautiful subtropical climate.
Abunded with points of interest including Yanbara, where unique creatures live in the topical jungle, Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium,
and Kouri Oasashi gridge.
Remote Islands of Okinawa
Besides the mainland, Okinawa has several surrounding islands. Each island has an atmosphere, culture, and food of it's own.
Visitors may experience the sea and nature only found at remote islands.
Experience some of the worlds leading oceans at the remote islands with easy access from the mainland.