Limited Time Offer for Our JTO Customers and Site Visitors!

Free Wi-Fi Router Campaign

Please Be Hurry!
The first 300 applicants will have the chance to get one router per one booking.

For those who book and stay hotels,Wi-Fi router rentals are now available for Free, for 3 Days maximum. The special offer discounts 4,248 JPY!

Offer available:
April 28th, 2014 - July 31st, 2014

Special Offer from Japan Traveler Online website

Anyone who makes a reservation at our JTO website are able to rent a free Wi-Fi Router for 3 days maximum.
(Only the first 300 applicants) during the campaign period.
If you exceed three days of our offer, please take on the charge of the difference in amount.
How to apply: Please click the URL link on the confirmation mail and fill in the application form.

  • Wi-Fi Router
    @ 984 JPY / day

  • Security Insurance
    @ 324 JPY / day

  • On-Call Concierge (Translating Services)
    @ 108 JPY / day

  • 3Days
  • 4,248JPY


Apply at our JTO website at your earliest opportunity!

You can rent a free Wi-Fi router for free, for 3 days maximum!
Make a Reservation!!

Plus, more chances also are availble for website visitors!
Free On-Call Concierge Service is to be offered for applicants at our campaign website.

What's "On-Call Concierge"?
You may need translation when you take a taxi or go shopping.
You might want to make a reservation on the phone when you find shops and restraurants.
For those occasions, you don't need to talk in Japanese if you have On-Call Concierge service.
"On-Call Concierge" offers you translating services on the phone especially when you need a help.
  • ※Please Notice:
  • Please take on the charge for phone call.
  • Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English are available on the On-Call-Concierge.
  • Traffic Information (Map Navigation or Guidance) is excluded from the translating services.
  • The translation services do not support Politics, Laws, Business, and Public Policy.
  • We will not be responsible for any results caused by the translating services.

Apply online now!!

※Application form is available in either only English or Chinese.

Information Guide
  • To rent a Wi-Fi router, you will make a contract with Telecom Square Inc.
  • Please take the confirmation of application for the Wi-Fi router with you and submit at the airport counter.
  • You will receive the router only at the airport counter as following.
  • The airport counter is located at Narita International Airport Terminal 1, Narita InternationalAirport Terminal 2, Tokyo International Airport, Chubu Centrair International Airport, Fukuoka Airport, and New Chitose Airport.
Information About this Campaign
  • You can apply for the free router per one reservation.
  • If you exceed three days of the offer, please take on the charge of the difference in amount.
  • Please be aware of that the business hours vary from each counter. Due to the time of flights, you might not be able to drop in on time.
  • After you make a rental contract, Telecom Square Inc will be your customer support.
  • Soft Bank Network 3.5G ( you can connect 10 devices at maximum) You can not choose the colors and models. If there is no stock available, we offer you with an alternative model.
  • The first 300 applicants are eligible for this campaign.
  • This campaign will be closed after the specified number of the router is all gone out.